Thank you for your interest in being a part of this dynamic organization, Altrusa International District Nine.

We look forward to learning more about you and connecting with you.

Complete the information using the link below for information about Membership and Joining Altrusa:


Membership Interest Form

1. Members are expected to work on club service projects.
2. Members are expected to take part in fund raising activities.
3. Members are expected to attend business and program meetings to offer input and vote on club business.
4. Members are expected to pay their dues promptly.
7. Members are encouraged to report at least five hours of volunteer time on projects.


Volunteer hours are recorded for each member to capture the impact of our service to our communities.  Three types of volunteer hours are recorded:

A. Community Service Hours - Community Service involvement entails service projects and activities sanctioned by Altrusa, as documented in a club’s minutes. Service hours include time spent in planning, preparation, execution and evaluation of fund-raisers and service projects. (Operating and internal fund-raisers used to fund the administrative operating budget do not qualify for any service hours, but hours spent working on the Foundation fundraisers do count.)

B. Member Services Hours - Altrusa's member services include services such as production of the newsletter, board or committee meetings, leadership-development workshops, International Representation at Conference, etc.

C. Other Volunteer Hours - Club member participation in non-Altrusa community service activities includes volunteer work, for example, in hospitals, schools, libraries, not-for-profit organizations, and activities such as mentoring, tutoring, etc.